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Master pai gow poker with these moves

Pai gow poker can be played by up to seven people. One player will also act as the dealer, which will be signified by a dealer button. Each pai gow poker player will get seven cards divided into two hands. One hand will be made up of five cards while the other will have two cards. When players are done arranging their hands in such a way that the 5-card hand ranks more than the 2-card one, the dealer will reveal and arrange his hand. The hands will then take turns competing against the dealer's hand. It will be in a clockwise manner; where it begins will be determined by rolling a dice. Poker rankings are used to compare double hands with that of the dealer's. When both hands beat the dealer's, the player wins; if either hand ties with the dealer's hands, the dealer wins. The player will neither win nor lose if only one hand wins.

A deck in pai gow poker has 53 cards. The 52 is divided into four suits: clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. Unlike other games, all suits are equal. Every suit has 13 cards that are arranged from the highest to the lowest starting from the ace and ending with 2. An ace could be the lowest if there is a 5-hig straight like 5-4-3-2-A. For hands with five cards, the joker could be used to form a flush or straight. In other 5-card hands, the joker has the same rank of an ace. For 2-card hands, there are two categories: no pair and pair. The no pair is arranged from highest to lowest, while the pair is ranked from highest to lowest. Here, the joker is only another ace.

The dealer starts the game by putting up a bank which other players will make bets. Every player can take the bank for two times then the button will rotate clockwise. A player can accept or refuse the dealer position. The order by which the hands will contend against the dealer is crucial because if the dealer will lose his stake, there is a chance other player hands won't have a chance to compete. The dealer will control the dealing and shuffling of the cards, manage the game and the collections from every hand. When the dealer had the chance to set up a bank twice, the player next to him clockwise will now have this chance but nobody is obligated to do so. Several players can bet on a hand at the same time, even players not situated at that table. This is known as backline betting. Backline bettors commonly stand behind the player whose hand they are betting on but they can position themselves in another location. The person who puts the biggest wager on the hand will determine how it should be set.